How Discount Real Estate Brokers Work

How Discount Real Estate Brokers Work

Discount real estate broker breakdown

Low rates are the main focus of discount real estate brokers. Many discount brokers offer a built-in commission savings of 20-30% when listing with a traditional brokerage or realtor.

You will need to learn how real estate commissions work to understand how they can save you money.

One study found that the median income for an real estate agent in the United States is $42,246, with the highest-earning agents earning up to $64,198. This income comes primarily from commission fees.

The seller pays the commission fee in a traditional real estate transaction. Or, more precisely, it is taken from the seller’s proceeds at closing.

The average commission rate of 5.45% is made up of two separate fees per agent involved in the sale.

  • The listing agent receives the fee to market the property and helps it sell.
  • For bringing their client to buy the home, the buyer’s agent’s fee is paid to them.

The commission is usually split between the two agents. In this case, each agent would make approximately 2.7%.

Traditional commission breakdown

Listing fee2.7%
Agent fee for the buyer2.7%
Total commission5.45%

Discount brokers often offer discounts on the listing fees side of the equation. For example, a discount broker might charge a 1% listing fee instead of the 2.5-3% standard, which would lower the total commission to approximately 3.7%.

Discount commission breakdown

Reduced listing fee1%
Agent fee for the buyer2.7%
Total commission3.7%
Real Estate Commission

Notice: Buyer’s agent fees are around 2.5-3 percent

Discount brokerages, and traditional agents, for that matter, will advise you to pay the full buyer’s agent fees. The rates vary depending on the market but are generally 2.5-3 percent nationwide.

Why is it so essential to offer a full buyer agent commission? It encourages other agents to sell your home to clients. This is your best chance to find a qualified buyer quickly and get the best price for your home.

How can discount brokers in real estate charge lower fees

Discount brokerages often have pricing and service models that provide real value to their customers.

An example is a company that saves money by solving big problems for traditional agents and generates steady business volume.

Even the most successful realtors can spend a lot of money marketing. This allows them to meet new clients with no upfront costs. They can charge a fraction of the typical commission fee to your agent and pass these savings onto you.

These discount brokers need to be more efficient than traditional brokerages to offer lower rates and remain profitable. Each company approaches this differently, but the majority of them use some combination of these:

  1. Attracting new customers with less-expensive initiatives
  2. A smaller team handling a greater volume of customers.
  3. Upsell existing customers to other in-house services (loan title, insurance).

It’s not surprising that some strategies are more successful than others. Understanding the business model and the risks involved in discount brokerage is important. Check out these real estate trends to help get a better understanding of how

Five common drawbacks of discount brokerages in real estate

  1. Hidden fees
  2. Upfront fees
  3. Minimum fees
  4. Cancellation fees
  5. Commission for the Buyer’s Agent

If you are considering hiring a discount brokerage or agent for real estate, shop around and compare several options to ensure you get the best value for your needs.

The bottom line: Should you use discount brokers?

A discount broker is a good option for most home sellers. Brands like Change Realty provide great customer service and big savings. We recommend discount brokers because they offer a similar experience as working with traditional realtors. This makes them an excellent choice for most people.

Nevertheless, there are some discount brands that you should not consider. Companies that offer fewer services and less support than traditional realtors should be avoided. Although these “limited-service” brands may advertise low rates, you will be faced with risky service compromises that could limit your savings.

Can I Buy Property in Mexico as a Foreigner?

Can I Buy Property in Mexico as a Foreigner?

Many people dream of purchasing real estate in Mexico and it is definitely a tempting and wonderful idea! It doesn’t matter if you want to retire on Playa del Carmen or in a Merida condo, the dream of trying something new is enticing. Make sure you do your research before you make any purchase like you would with any other investment. There are many questions you might have about Mexico real estate, including the risk of buying property in Mexico. We have some great news!

Mexico is a safe country to purchase property. Foreign investors can purchase and sell property easily by following the simple guidelines set out by the government for foreign investors. Mexican real estate is an easy investment with a lot of upside potential. In fact, one of the many available homes for sale in Mexico might become the best decision you ever made!

Are Foreigners Allowed to Buy Mexican Real Estate?

Yes! Foreigners can buy, rent, lease, sell and will their property to their heirs using fideicomisos or by creating a company.

Fideicomisos are a Mexican bank trust created by the Mexican government. A trust in Mexico functions in the same way as a trust in Canada or the United States. This arrangement allows you to hold the title of the property in your name at a Mexican financial institution. Your property can’t be sold or modified unless you are the beneficiary of the trust, just like it is in Canada and America. While the bank gives you the vessel to hold title, the title of the property belongs to you and is not considered an asset.

The trust system was created by the Mexican government to allow foreign property investors to be permitted to buy without the need to revise Mexico’s entire Constitution. This is because the country previously prohibited foreigners from purchasing property within the “Restricted Zone” which is an area located 50km from the coast or 100km from the border. These trusts are available on 50-year terms and can be transferred.

Mexican Real Estate

It is a Myth That You Can Lose Ownership of Your Property in Mexico; Don’t Believe It

Because of the previous restriction on foreign buyers being allowed to buy land and property within Mexico, the myth that Mexican property ownership can be lost is still popular. This notion dates back to a time when Mexican real estate laws were not liberalized. As previously mentioned, foreign buyers could not purchase land within the Restricted Zone in the past. These laws were altered almost 30 years ago and foreigners can now legally and safely buy Mexican property! 

The authorities encourage foreigners to buy property in Mexico by allowing them to use trusts or establish Mexican companies. You can rest assured that the government and anyone else cannot take any of your profitable properties away if you follow the steps for foreign ownership!

Mexican Real Estate

Use a Credible Real Estate Agent to Help You Through the Mexican Real Estate Process

Mexico has different property laws and regulations than the United States. It’s a good idea for you to hire an experienced Mexican real estate firm that is familiar with Mexican law. This will ensure that you have the most up-to-date and accurate information.

One example of a time when you will need the help of a real estate company in Mexico is when you have to sign all the paperwork as the law in Mexico requires legal contracts to be written in Spanish. This means that no sale contract, regardless of how formal it may look, will be legally binding if it is written in English. It is important to remember that an exact translation of the contract is required if it is written in both Spanish and English. 

A good real estate agent has a lot of knowledge, which is important when you are looking to buy any property especially in a foreign country like Mexico. Their knowledge and experience in helping clients buy a home in Mexico is unsurpassed.

Mexican Real Estate


Do some thorough research and contact a reputable real estate agent in Mexico to get the best advice and access to Mexico real estate professionals with the most experience. They will help you understand the process and teach you everything you need about purchasing property in Mexico!

Why You Need Flood Insurance

Why You Need Flood Insurance
Flood Insurance

If you are looking into getting homeowners insurance, you may ask yourself: Should I get flood insurance? If you live in Louisiana, you might not know that it’s a requirement to have flood insurance if your home is located in a zone at risk for flooding. That means even if your home has never flooded before, you still need to get this coverage. Floods are unpredictable and can happen without warning; so make sure you’re protected with the right kind of insurance.

Flood Damage is Costly to Fix

According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), flood damage is not covered under standard renters, condo owners, or homeowners insurance policy. The damage that can be caused from flooding to your home could burn a huge hole in your wallet, especially since a small amount of water could cause damage.

The different types of damages that can occur to your home are structural damage, electrical damage, and defunct sewage systems. In addition to flood damage being covered by flood insurance, it also includes emergency services like sandbagging and evacuation. If you need help paying for flood damage repairs after a flood, this could be more than just a smart financial move. 

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Will Save You Money in the Long Run

This extra coverage can be affordable, especially compared to paying for the flood damage repairs mentioned above out of pocket. In fact, premiums are still subsidized by the federal government and can cost less than $400 per year on average! 

If you have received flood damage from heavy rainfall or rising waters caused by any means and need help paying for repairs after the fact, having flood insurance through NFIP may cover up to $250,000 in flood damage to your home. Having this will keep your mind at ease at times like these when hurricanes are on the horizon.

Flood Insurance

It’s the Law

Making matters worse, if you didn’t get flood insurance because your area was labeled a low-risk zone by FEMA or simply thinking that you couldn’t afford it or flood coverage, you could be in for a shock. In Louisiana, flood insurance is required if your home is located in a flood zone and covered by a federally backed mortgage loan — there’s no three-day waiting period here. 

NFIP flood maps show areas at high risk of flooding based on historical data, topography (elevation), and flood protection measures like levees or dams. If you live within a designated Special Flood Hazard Area NFIP flood insurance is mandatory — it’s the law.

Flood Insurance


Though not everyone needs it, flood coverage is a good idea for those at risk of flooding or who have federally backed mortgages in high-risk areas. Nationwide, an estimated 25 percent of all policyholders nationwide do not need NFIP to obtain coverage because they don’t live in Special Flood Hazard Areas — but there is no reason why you shouldn’t get it if you can afford it and need it.

For flood protection and peace of mind, flood insurance is a good idea for everyone who lives in high-risk flood zones and it can protect you from the financial consequences that come from flood loss. After you begin to think about when to buy a home, remember to look into flood insurance, however, only if you need it — do not get it because you think your homeowners policy will cover the damage.

How Do I Get a Homeowners Insurance Quote?

How Do I Get a Homeowners Insurance Quote?

Are you looking for affordable homeowners insurance for your home? If you are, there are ways to make your insurance more affordable. If you have a clean home with no major damage and you haven’t had to file any claims in the past few years, you will probably have a very affordable insurance policy. It’s smart to have a basic understanding of what your policy actually provides coverage for. Home insurance policies generally come with coverage for a variety of different risks. For instance, a basic policy might provide coverage for theft, fire, smoke, damage from flood, vandalism, explosions, and a few other things. Many policies also give you the option to purchase additional insurance coverage that you may need to protect your home against other risks.

Look For Free Homeowners Insurance Quotes Online

Get free quotes online and compare one site to another. There are many websites out there that will give you an instant quote of how much your home is worth. This can help you determine what your budget is for your insurance. Remember, cheap homeowners insurance quotes are always relative to the information you provide. Your personal information will affect the amount of your premium. Visit at least three sites to get a variety of quotes. Look at the information they give you honestly. Don’t let the company talk you into anything that doesn’t make sense.

Research What Kind of Homeowners Insurance You Want

Make sure you know the kind of home insurance coverage you want. Make sure you understand what kind of coverage you’re getting. If you don’t, you’ll be shopping from a limited set of options and can’t make comparisons properly. Get everything in writing before you sign anything. This way you know you’re getting an affordable offer.

Homeowners Insurance

Look Into Insurance for Home Contents

Many insurance companies offer home contents coverage for cheap rates. This is because many homes have contents such as clothing, jewelry and furniture. Sometimes these items can be damaged or stolen. Make sure you have extra coverage to cover this type of damage. It’s worth more in the eyes of the insurance company if you have more coverage on it. This means items that have sentimental value or are very important to you should be insured more. If you have valuables that are important to you, consider paying a little more for them. You’ll probably save money in the long run if you have extra coverage on your homeowner’s insurance quote.

Search For Companies that Offer Discounted Homeowners Insurance

Look at what other companies will offer you as a discount. You may not want to buy the most expensive homeowners insurance policy out there. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look around and see what is available to you. Check into discounts for several companies. You can also take advantage of offers from the company that insures your home itself. You can combine home insurance with your life and car insurance for a discount. You can also qualify for discounts for having a good credit score and for being a homeowner.

Homeowners Insurance


Protecting your home and family is important. From home coverage to real estate protection, getting homeowners insurance quotes to fit your individual needs and budget is one of the most important parts of buying a home. Some insurers offer multiple quotes at a time to allow you to compare prices. Other insurers offer single rates from one company to several companies. To find an affordable home insurance quote, talk with your agent.

Tips to Help Find the Best Homeowners Insurance Companies of 2021

Are you looking for the Best Homeowners Insurance Companies for 2021? Well, there are quite a few of them out there, especially with the way that real estate trends have been going this year. But, you will need to know what kind of coverage they offer and at what rate. You need to have insurance that provides you with ample protection at an affordable rate. Here is what you should know.

Owning a Home Before Obtaining Homeowners Insurance

First, when it comes to insurance, there are a variety of different types of insurances that one can obtain. However, not all of these insurances are available from a single company. In order to get coverage from an insurance company, you will need to be a homeowner. This means that you should either own your home or you should lease it in order to be able to obtain the right type of insurance.

Qualifying For the Right Homeowners Insurance

Next, you will also need to know how long you have owned your home to qualify for the right type of insurance. Homeowners are usually eligible for a reduction in their monthly payments because of the fact that they made their payments on time. This means that the company is more likely to extend lower rates to you. If you do not own your home anymore, then you will not be eligible for such a reduction.

Why Is This Homeowners Insurance Company Offering You Their Services?

The third thing to know about an insurance company is the reason why they are offering you their services. Do not just accept the first company that comes calling to give you a quote. Take time to find out as much as you can about the insurance company. Ask yourself, “What does the homeowners insurance cover?“. Find out what has been previously offered and what other customers have experienced. Do not base your decision on the lowest quote that you are given. Go with the company who will give you the most protection.

Take Your Time When Choosing A Homeowners Insurance Company

The last tip is to take your time before purchasing any insurance policy. Insurance sales people are experts at getting your attention. They will always try to get you to sign on the dotted line as quickly as possible. Take your time, weigh your options, and decide what will work best for you. It may seem like common sense, but it really pays off in the long run.


Now, you can compare the best homeowners insurance companies for your needs. Look up each insurance company online. See what other people have to say about them. You should also ask for discounts from different companies. If you do all of these things, you will end up with a great policy at a price that you can afford.

Real Estate Trends – Important Guide To Finding Profitable Properties

Real Estate Trends – Important Guide To Finding Profitable Properties

The real estate market in the United States of America is going through different trends and cycles that can last for several years. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to know these real estate trends. Trends are considered as the new normal in real estate. With this, it is very important for real estate agents and homeowners alike to be aware of how real estate trends will affect their business. By knowing these trends, they will be able to predict what the future brings to real estate businesses.

Condo Sales

One of the most common real estate trends in the current market is the increase of condo sales. This has been caused by a lot of factors including the growth of the American economy. At the same time, there are a lot of people who are purchasing homes especially those condos which are located in areas where population growth is very high. With this, there are also more condo units for people to buy.

Foreclosure Increases

Another one of the real estate trends in the current market is the increase of foreclosures. Foreclosures happen when the mortgage holder will not be able to pay the debt to the lending company of the mortgage. When this happens, the owner will have to give back the property to the lender or mortgage company. When there are a lot of foreclosures in the market, the price of real estate will naturally go down.

Population Shifts From Metropolitan Areas To Cities

Another thing that you need to know about real estate trends is the shifting of population from metropolitan areas to the cities. There are a lot of reasons why this population shift is happening. One of the biggest reasons is that the standard of living in the cities is way too high compared to the living standards of rural areas. Aside from that, there are also transportation and infrastructure improvements that are being made in the cities to allow for better living. And so, people are choosing to live in the cities since they offer a better lifestyle.


Probably the most important thing to remember when you are looking at real estate trends is to look into properties that are priced reasonably. If you get into properties that are overpriced, then you will have to make huge losses in the short run. On the other hand, if you get into properties that are underpriced, then you may still end up making a profit in the long run. It all depends on how good of a real estate investor you are.


In real estate, the market trend will always go up and down. And no matter what real estate trends are today, they will surely change in the future. Keep an eye on the latest real estate news and homes for sale in your area. You never know when some good deals will come up. And with the information you read today, you can find the best real estate investment that will work for you.

Does Home Insurance Cover Cracked Walls?

Does Home Insurance Cover Cracked Walls?

Does home insurance cover cracked walls? This is a question many people ask, particularly when they move into a new house or are refurbishing an old property. It can be a very scary experience when your walls come crashing down. It can also be expensive and frustrating trying to get your insurance company to pay for the damage, but it is a fact that most insurance companies will not pay for damage caused by a “dangerous” glass, for example. But what about your walls?

It is not uncommon for your home insurance policy to include a protection against “cracked walls”. It may be stated as a condition of the insurance or it may explicitly mention this as part of the policy. However, does this cover the damage caused by “cracked walls”? If so, it means that your walls were damaged as a result of “a hazard in the home”, but how did this occur? The insurance company may not pay for the damage to your home caused by a hurricane or a fire – such occurrences are covered by hurricane insurance or household insurance.

How Do Cracked Walls Occur?

Cracked walls are more likely to be a result of two possible events, both of which can happen to a home. The first is “perimeter damage” – this is damage to the outer face of your home caused by weather, for example snow and ice scraping off the roof, or rain and wind making its way into your home through gaps in the walls. This is not usually a major issue and most home insurance policies provide coverage for it. The other possible scenario is when someone breaks in while you are away. This is obviously more of a risk than most home insurance customers realize and the damage done could end up being much greater than the amount that your policy covers.

What Should I Do If I Have a Cracked Wall in My Home?

The first thing you should do if you discover a crack in your wall is to call your home insurance company. They will either offer to pay for the cost of removing and repairing it or will point you in the direction of another company that will. If they refuse, try to negotiate with them until you get a reasonable quote that includes all the costs. You may also find that they will agree to raise your deductible a little bit to ensure that you will have enough money in the event of a claim. If your home insurance company give you a quote that seems a little bit better than others but won’t budge on the amount of coverage you receive, take it back to the agent and see what you can do.

When you have a wall that has been damaged by hail or high winds, there is a possibility that your insurance policy will not cover the full extent of the damage. This could be an issue if you have expensive items in your home, as you may not want to take them with you when you move. It may also be an issue if you live in an area that is prone to wind damage. In this case, you may have to consider taking out flood insurance or storm insurance to cover the rest of the damages.


When you are in need of home insurance, you may feel that it is more complicated than it really is. However, if you take the time to ask questions and shop around, you will likely find that there are plenty of options available to you. Even if you were just considering a quote for affordable homeowners insurance, it is possible to get a policy that offers more than the quote says. Ask your agent or representative any questions that you have and be sure to check into the policy. Remember, if you want to know does home insurance cover cracked walls, then it makes sense to shop around.

When to Buy a Home – Factors to Consider

There is no one right answer to the question of when to buy a home. Rather, the correct answer of when to buy a home actually depends on several factors. For example, some people plan to purchase a new home or condo when they get married, while others plan to purchase a resale home in order to build equity. Additionally, this may be a time to get into the market for resale properties in order to make a profit. In short, every individual has his or her own unique picture of when it makes sense to purchase a new home.

How Do Your Personal Finances Look?

When you make the decision to buy a home, there are a number of factors that you will want to take into consideration. One of those factors is your personal finances. You will certainly want to take into consideration your current income, your potential income in the future, and your credit score. In many cases, if you have an excellent credit score, you will find that you can qualify for the best mortgage rates, so you will save money when you purchase a house. However, this does not mean that you would not be able to qualify for a good mortgage rate if you have less than perfect credit.

How Long Do You Want to Live in the Home?

Another factor to think about on when to buy a home depends upon whether you plan to live in it for a long time or if you plan to sell it within a short period of time. If you intend to live in the home for a long period of time, you will most likely need to make some major repairs, which will push up your repair bills. Therefore, when you make the decision when to buy a home, you will want to carefully consider the cost of repairs. It will also help your budget if you know exactly what you can afford to do to correct the problems with your home. If you anticipate having to make repairs, it might be a good idea to purchase a pre-owned home.

How Large is Your Family?

Another factor will depend upon the size of your family. If you are planning to have children, you may want to consider purchasing a house that is not too large in order to allow you to raise them. When you find a house that meets your family size needs, it can also save you money when you buy the house when there is less competition for such homes.

How Are the Crime Rates in the Area You Want to Live?

Finally, when to buy a home largely depends upon the area where you live. If you live in an area that experiences high crime rates, you may want to consider moving to another part of the country, or at least consider not buying a new home within that area until the crime rate has significantly decreased. On the other hand, if you live in an area that does not experience much crime, you may want to wait and purchase a new home. Even within a particular city, there are neighborhoods that are less safe than others, and you may want to move closer to these neighborhoods until the crime rate begins to decrease.


These are just a few factors that you should take into consideration when you are wondering when to buy a home. The economy and job market are both factors that you should take into consideration as you decide when to buy a home. Although you do not always have to wait, you should consider all of the factors before making your final decision.

Is Zillow Worth it for Realtors?

Is Zillow Worth it for Realtors?

Is Zillow Worth It

Real estate can be a very lucrative business to be in. Realtors who are able to get clients and close deals are the most successful. First, you need leads in order to get clients who will work exclusively with you so you can close those deals. To get leads, a Realtor has two choices. You need to establish branding through website marketing efforts and search engine optimization (SEO.) Or you can pay one of the big companies to help you get leads.

Zillow and its Advantages

Zillow is one of the largest companies that help real estate agents get leads. Over the years they have become more and more popular and well known. They have acquired other lead generating websites such as, and They have a program called Zillow Premier Agent which helps Realtors capture leads. They have an app to help you manage those leads and turn them into closed sales. They provide access to training and resources for their premier agents.


The main disadvantage is that it’s very costly. The leads are also not guaranteed to turn into closed deals. You purchase leads by zip code. The cost varies due to quite a few factors. The cost is determined by how large the zip code is, how many homes are in the zip code, how desirable the zip code is and so on. The cost also varies with how much of a percentage of leads you want from that zip code. For example, if you want approximately 25% of the buyer leads in a not-so-desired zip code, you will pay approximately $500 per month for the leads. Another example is if you want approximately 60% of the buyer leads in a more popular and growing zip code, you will pay over $1000 per month for these leads. You are competing with other agents for the leads as well.

Rental Leads

Another program the company has is its rental leads program. If you are listing a rental property and want leads, it costs approximately two dollars per day. The cost starts the day you list a rental property and goes until the day you close it. Even when you mark it pending in the multiple listing service, and have a signed lease with a security deposit, they are still charging you the two dollars a day. At this point, you might not really want the leads anymore. They do have a second rental program where you pay ten dollars a week for the rental listing, and you can stop paying for the leads whenever you get a signed lease and security deposit. There is more work on your part for this program. More work takes more time, and time is money.

Invest in Yourself

There is a cost-benefit to Realtors who invest in themselves. If you pay a one-time fee to set up your own website and a small monthly fee for a company to host it, you’ll end up paying less overall. You will have your very own website to market wherever you want. There are many ways you can market your own website for free. You will get one hundred percent of the leads.

In the long run, it’s better to invest in your own real estate business than pay another company to generate leads for you. It’s ultimately not worth the cost per lead. You are better off building your own brand through your own website marketing and SEO efforts.

How to Rank Your Real Estate Website on Google

How to Rank Your Real Estate Website on Google

How to Get a Top 10 Ranking For Your Real Estate Website Using SEO Techniques by the Pros

The goal of all real estate webmasters are to be seen by their clients on Search Engines. Digital marketing agencies that specialize in real estate seo use a variety of different Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to achieve their goal. Getting your real estate website listed on Google, Yahoo or MSN is a challenge as the better your website is optimized for Search Engines, the more attention it will receive from potential visitors.

To achieve the goal of course means that the visitors will turn into customers, bringing you income and success.

Effective Web Optimization Techniques

There are a variety of precise techniques that you can use to optimize your site to achieve a top 10 ranking for your real estate site on Google, Yahoo or MSN. Among the techniques that you can use, includes content optimization, image optimization, inbound linking and a detailed keyword analysis.

Content Optimization

Content on your website is perhaps one of the most important factors to get a higher Search Engine ranking. Your website must provide relevant and keyword rich content that includes the keywords that you want to appear in the Search Engine results.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your should only focus on writing the content for your readers – not for the search engine. Keywords are important but your content should be easily readable by people, not search engine friendly.


Images are another important factor to include in your website or blog. If you want to have a top 10 Search Engine ranking there is again not enough room in your website for all of your images. It is a good idea to have a keyword image and alt tag that contains the keyword you are optimizing for.

Optimize IDX Listings

Just about every real estate website has listings from other brokers displayed. This is generally done by acquiring an IDX feed from your local MLS. Your local multiple listing service can provide a RETS feed containing all of the active listings. At this point, many Realtor owned MLSs also provide sold listings in their IDX feeds – many at an additional cost.

Optimizing how listings are displayed on your real estate website provides a better user experience as well as can assist in your SEO efforts.

Here are some of the basics for tweaking how listings are displayed.

  • Use a reputable IDX provider that is very fast
  • Display most listings on a subdomain – this leverages advanced CDNs and hosting for faster listing display
  • Set automated meta titles and descriptions for listing detail pages – Most IDX providers let you use short-codes to customize these settings
  • Dont put too many property listings on one page – this slows down the page load
  • On property detail pages – link to other “similar listings”

Inbound Links

Inbound links are the direct links to your real estate website. This means that you need to be careful when you are requesting links from other websites. Always make sure that the link is going to be relevant to real estate, mortgage financing, insurance and other real estate based sites. Be careful of submitting your site to thousands of websites. The best way of going about this is by seeking out websites with a high page rank. Ranking of a website will definitely improve with the help of these links.

Reciprocal Links

As with keywords, reciprocal links also help with the ranking of your website. When we talk about reciprocal links it means that you reciprocate a link from your website to another website. This increases the organic rankings of both websites and will help you get more targeted traffic.

As will all inbound links – make sure that these are from other real estate relevant websites that have authority and traffic themselves.

Forum Links

There are thousand of real estate forums on Facebook and other sites. First, you will want to participate in discussions with others. Through this you can offer informational content to the readers of the forum and will eventually be allowed to add your link in your signature.

You should only participate in relevant real estate forums and also since forums now have strict guidelines for members, emailing and participating in unrelated forums or spamming will only encourage the administrators to delete your signature.

Blogging and blog comments

Real Estate Blogs and blog comments are also great ways to increase links and traffic to your Realtor website. It is smart to post comments in blogs and linked threads in order to improve your reputation. You should post comments that are useful and insightful to the blog’s readers.

If you are a new blogger then, you should create a blog that you can post information on. If you specialize in luxury condos, than it should be easy to write a blog on the topic. Make sure that you create links to your website in some of your posts. There are tons of relevant articles that can be written on real estate from the buyers perspective, sellers perspective and investors prospective.

real estate seo
ranking your real estate website on Google

Remember that you participate in blogs and discussions in order to make yourself known and become known as an expert in real estate in your market area or niche. If you can post quality blogs about your niche, then you will surely not only contribute to the growth of the blog but also get the financial rewards from advertising on the blog.

The most important thing that you must remember when you are participating in a discussion is to include the link of your website in your signature. It is not only your responsibility to include the link of your website in the discussion but also you have to ensure that you do not spam the discussion. Remember that you have to maintain a good relationship with the blog owner to make this work.

Submit your real estate website

You can also submit your website to various online directories. There are many real estate directories to submit your site to. Of course, you cannot directly submit your website to any search engine; you have to use the submitters that are available online. That is why you need to find out and make use of those submitters that are more advanced and genuine.

Remember that the basic idea behind all these techniques is to have your website read and indexed by the search engines. If you have your website read and indexed then you will be able to make sure that your website will have a place in the first page of every search engine result.