How to Rank Your Real Estate Website on Google

How to Get a Top 10 Ranking For Your Real Estate Website Using SEO Techniques by the Pros

The goal of all real estate webmasters are to be seen by their clients on Search Engines. Digital marketing agencies that specialize in real estate seo use a variety of different Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to achieve their goal. Getting your real estate website listed on Google, Yahoo or MSN is a challenge as the better your website is optimized for Search Engines, the more attention it will receive from potential visitors.

To achieve the goal of course means that the visitors will turn into customers, bringing you income and success.

Effective Web Optimization Techniques

There are a variety of precise techniques that you can use to optimize your site to achieve a top 10 ranking for your real estate site on Google, Yahoo or MSN. Among the techniques that you can use, includes content optimization, image optimization, inbound linking and a detailed keyword analysis.

Content Optimization

Content on your website is perhaps one of the most important factors to get a higher Search Engine ranking. Your website must provide relevant and keyword rich content that includes the keywords that you want to appear in the Search Engine results.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your should only focus on writing the content for your readers – not for the search engine. Keywords are important but your content should be easily readable by people, not search engine friendly.


Images are another important factor to include in your website or blog. If you want to have a top 10 Search Engine ranking there is again not enough room in your website for all of your images. It is a good idea to have a keyword image and alt tag that contains the keyword you are optimizing for.

Optimize IDX Listings

Just about every real estate website has listings from other brokers displayed. This is generally done by acquiring an IDX feed from your local MLS. Your local multiple listing service can provide a RETS feed containing all of the active listings. At this point, many Realtor owned MLSs also provide sold listings in their IDX feeds – many at an additional cost.

Optimizing how listings are displayed on your real estate website provides a better user experience as well as can assist in your SEO efforts.

Here are some of the basics for tweaking how listings are displayed.

  • Use a reputable IDX provider that is very fast
  • Display most listings on a subdomain – this leverages advanced CDNs and hosting for faster listing display
  • Set automated meta titles and descriptions for listing detail pages – Most IDX providers let you use short-codes to customize these settings
  • Dont put too many property listings on one page – this slows down the page load
  • On property detail pages – link to other “similar listings”

Inbound Links

Inbound links are the direct links to your real estate website. This means that you need to be careful when you are requesting links from other websites. Always make sure that the link is going to be relevant to real estate, mortgage financing, insurance and other real estate based sites. Be careful of submitting your site to thousands of websites. The best way of going about this is by seeking out websites with a high page rank. Ranking of a website will definitely improve with the help of these links.

Reciprocal Links

As with keywords, reciprocal links also help with the ranking of your website. When we talk about reciprocal links it means that you reciprocate a link from your website to another website. This increases the organic rankings of both websites and will help you get more targeted traffic.

As will all inbound links – make sure that these are from other real estate relevant websites that have authority and traffic themselves.

Forum Links

There are thousand of real estate forums on Facebook and other sites. First, you will want to participate in discussions with others. Through this you can offer informational content to the readers of the forum and will eventually be allowed to add your link in your signature.

You should only participate in relevant real estate forums and also since forums now have strict guidelines for members, emailing and participating in unrelated forums or spamming will only encourage the administrators to delete your signature.

Blogging and blog comments

Real Estate Blogs and blog comments are also great ways to increase links and traffic to your Realtor website. It is smart to post comments in blogs and linked threads in order to improve your reputation. You should post comments that are useful and insightful to the blog’s readers.

If you are a new blogger then, you should create a blog that you can post information on. If you specialize in luxury condos, than it should be easy to write a blog on the topic. Make sure that you create links to your website in some of your posts. There are tons of relevant articles that can be written on real estate from the buyers perspective, sellers perspective and investors prospective.

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ranking your real estate website on Google

Remember that you participate in blogs and discussions in order to make yourself known and become known as an expert in real estate in your market area or niche. If you can post quality blogs about your niche, then you will surely not only contribute to the growth of the blog but also get the financial rewards from advertising on the blog.

The most important thing that you must remember when you are participating in a discussion is to include the link of your website in your signature. It is not only your responsibility to include the link of your website in the discussion but also you have to ensure that you do not spam the discussion. Remember that you have to maintain a good relationship with the blog owner to make this work.

Submit your real estate website

You can also submit your website to various online directories. There are many real estate directories to submit your site to. Of course, you cannot directly submit your website to any search engine; you have to use the submitters that are available online. That is why you need to find out and make use of those submitters that are more advanced and genuine.

Remember that the basic idea behind all these techniques is to have your website read and indexed by the search engines. If you have your website read and indexed then you will be able to make sure that your website will have a place in the first page of every search engine result.