Crazy Ways to Sell a Home That Work


Crazy Ways to Sell a Home That Work-01

Crazy Home Selling Tips That Work


Frustrated private sellers, trying to sell a home, particularly ones with unique qualities such as having a guest house, a pool, or even a unique garden, sometimes you have to get very creative in a crowded real estate market. Here are several, very creative ways sellers have marketed their homes to sell after traditional marketing failed. 


Host an Essay Contest


A few years ago in Maine an innkeeper hosted an essay contest with the prize being they got to keep the inn. The entrance fee was $125, and the seller received over 7,000 entries, garnering her a sale price of over $900,000.

Of course, hosting a contest is not without risk. Although no improper state laws were found, losers of the innkeeper’s contest complained to Maine’s attorney general, so hosting a contest can possibly involve a seller in legal hot water.


Invite Serious Buyers to Stay the Weekend


Sometimes, potential buyers are serious but are having difficulty making a decision between several different properties. Of course, you need to have the home furnished in order to apply this strategy, but consider offering serious buyers a free, weekend trial to living in the house.

Chances are, they’ve never, ever encountered such an offer previously, and if your home is on a quiet street, and without heavy road traffic in front, chances are good they will become thoroughly convinced.


Social Media

Offer a Reward via Social Media


This strategy, called bird-dogging by new car salesmen, can be equally effective when selling a house. Offer either cash or a sizable gift certificate such as from Amazon on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest account to anyone that successfully leads to a qualified buyer. For less than $200, you can nearly double the number of potential buyers looking at your home.



A Talking Home Seller


Some companies, such as Talking House, rent or sell radio transmitters. When a potential buyer pushes a button, a talking virtual “real estate agent” gives them a four or five minute rundown on the house. These virtual salesmen work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Throw in a Kicker


Have an older but still in shape used car that you no longer drive? How about a riding lawnmower, or a motorcycle? Park it on the front lawn of your home along with a sign that indicates the item comes with the house. Not attached to your furniture?

Make a large sign with a photo of the living room furniture indicating it’s something else you will throw into the buyer. Even if the buyer is not interested in the item, the fact that you are offering something different is liable to generate some traffic to your home.


Real Estate Marketing Strategy’s With Tom Ferry


Creative Financing Options


Many, hard-working, responsible families, particularly if they are young, have difficulty meeting the traditional finance requirements, such as a large, down payment. Consider something creative like a lease-to-buy rental agreement, but requiring the lease signer to buy the home or vacate the house within a year. Be sure to get such an agreement in writing, and written with the help of a lawyer.


Hold a Really Creative Open House


Instead of a few cookies and some coffee, consider an invite-only, catered dinner, for a few people looking to buy a home that have shown serious interest. Make it a formal affair, and consider doing it at night.


Consider Selling your Home at Auction


Auctions attract excitement and are a way to sell your home fast, although you have to be cautious about which auctioneer you choose, and you have to carefully set what you will accept as a minimum bid.


Selling a home isn’t easy, so sometimes it’s important to think outside the box. There are many other non-traditional methods out there, you simply need to do your research.


Hire a Realtor


When all else fails, you can fall back on the trusted professionals who have been selling homes just about as long as we’ve been making them. Realtors know their community real estate market inside and out, and are expertly equipped to make your home buying or selling experience as smooth and comfortable as possible.  

Consult your local trusted Realtor today for more information and assistance.